The Power of Intuition – in Times of AI: Your Annual Conference in Denmark: Safely mastering the times ahead. 


Important! Upcoming date renewed due to current international strategic and geopolitical changes.  

Accompanying our workshop series “The Power of Intuition” for management, board members and high-level executives:

The annual conference date is changed due to current international strategic and geopolitical changes. Stay connected.

At the prestigious Gallery Habsø A/S – Midtjyllands Kunst Center.

Begin your journey into the world of intuitive decision making with its connection to successful business management!


Agenda: Welcome and introduction by Walter Matthias Kunze, tq, and by Mette Malund, management of Habsø Gallery:


  • Understanding intuition and knowing the trend
  • Presenting the project & workshop series – connecting artists’ and counselors’ approaches
  • “Artists – how to master intuition” – by Cameron J. Robbins, painter, Baltimore, USA
  • The intuition effect – activation & integration into strategy
  • Development, trends, outlook. future – by W. M. Kunze
  • Intuitive Art – live music performance by Ronja
  • Intuitive Business – evening and networking event
  • … more to come  

Who is with us?


  •  Selected international and experienced visual artists
  •  Musicians and performance artists
  •  Recognized consultants and coaches
  •  Boards of directors, CEOs, shakers & movers
  •  Investors and sponsors
  •  … and some special surprise guests

Supporting program – live, on site


  • Music & Performance, live
  • Café-Bar, Classical Bar
  • Breaks with snacks and exquisite finger food
  • Artists & Art Exhibition
  • Workshop snippets presentations
  • Networking Reception
  • More ..


Join the Event!


Get your place at this upcoming next Annual Conference – today – attend directly on-site or online 

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Pre-Opening and Gala Reception the evening before: date follows


  • Pre-evening Gala reception for a closed VIP circle
  • with resident artists of the gallery and invited international guest artists
  • Including VIP ticket for 1 workshop of the series including VIP trend manual
  • Networking with our international partners, investors and artists
  • 250,- EUR >>  Book Now!



Intuition = Your Super-Power!


"The Power of Intuition" - the workshop series leading up to the new International Annual Conference.


Accompanying the annual conference and leading up to it: the important workshop series “The Power of Intuition” for management, board members and high-level executives.


The 3 workshops for you to choose from:


  1. Individual online workshop just for you one-on-one.
  2. Open group & workshop session
  3. Internal closed team workshop just for you and your company / organization


Are you ready?


  • Are you ready to unleash the power of intuition?
  • Ready to lead your organization through these turbulent times in a stable and self-confident way?
  • Start your world of intuitive decision making and successful business leadership!
  • With solution methods that positively & pragmatically stand by your side.
  • Book your own workshop spot now!
  • Book your own workshop spot now!


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