Trendquest – ahead of Time for your Success

Trendquest is one of the leading think tanks and institutes for future planning and strategies in Germany with basis in behavioral economics and market analysis.

Our services include: consultancy for strategies, innovation, trends, business development and corporations, practice oriented behavioral socio-economics, innovation, futurology, trend and market research.


Trendquest’s goals:

We develop clear and efficient strategies and fast implementable tools for our clients and their business practice. By strong methods in analysis, strategic planning, solution making and by roadmaps and implementation steps.
For the success of our clients in economies and society and in mastering current and future tasks in market and geostrategical topics and quests.


Services + Solutions

You would like to target new customers and markets, are planning your marketing for a new product or wamnt to enter new emplyee recruitment?

Trendquest helps and supports with practice orientated services.


Formats + Methods

Future starts now: We serve you in reaching your goals. now and in future. Trendquest’s tools are focuses on practice and implementation. With individually tailored solutions.
Including individual consultancy and analysis, frequent events and networking meetings and conferences, online and on-site workshops and subscription based consultancy and workshop services.


Executives + Industries

This time needs fast actions and responses to changing systems and markets, media or target groups.

Trendquest helps because early preparation to local and global changes are determining your successes.



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